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GILMORE104 08-21-2014 03:37 PM

Time Shows Fools Video


Single Mothers is the fifth LP from Justin Townes Earle, an artist blessed and cursed with two other artists in his name: his father and his father's friend, as a tribute. It's a loaded album title, then; in just two words, Earle the younger sums up a lifetime of dealing. At 32, recently married and now living sober, the least inhibited songwriter on the Americana scene has honed his craft and whittled his sound—the album's instrumentation is fairly spare, marked by lots of sad, warm slide guitar—and is seemingly transitioning into full-blown adulthood. For a guy who can't but help reflect on how married life means not "chasing pussy" and how Nashville is letting Nashville "fuck it in the ass," that evolution is a fun thing to watch. Speaking of fun to watch: below, check out the premiere of the video for Single Mothers standout "Time Shows Fools." Our interview follows, featuring talk on Billie Holiday, "blow-dried college boys" and more.

nully 08-24-2014 07:49 AM

Re: Time Shows Fools Video
I'm loving everything I'm hearing from the new album, but I might have to stop reading his interviews.

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