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sleigher 09-27-2017 01:19 PM

gord downie / introduce yerself [10.27]
the tragically hip are my favorite band - have been for yrs - so much so that they are the only band i have tattooed on my body - for that matter they are they only tattoo i have on my body - how they have managed to stick together for decades and still continue to twist and curve and mutate is incredibly inspiring to me - when i heard the news back in the spring of 2016 that their lead singer gord downie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer it really shook me - i was in tears - of all the brains ...

gords lyrics are nothing short of genius to me - his vocabulary and skill with wordplay and metaphor are incredible - added to that his stage persona - strange long weird funny scary ad libbed rants and stories [some that eventually worked their way into future songs] and odd dances and pantomine - hes always seemed like a hybrid of david byrne and michael stipe to me

but - that diagnosis! what would it all mean for the band and more importantly for him?

did he decide to sulk + hide? no - FUCK NO - he instead rages against the dying of the light - he toured with his band in support of their album 'man machine poem' just mere months after getting the news - he undertook an initiative [the gordon downie and chanie wenjack fund] to better the lives of northern canadians who have been abused +/or ignored by their government for decades - he released both an album + a book titled 'secret path' that directly shines a light on one specific young person who was scared yet brave enough to try + find his family after being displaced by said goverment - sadly he did not make his way back to their house and died in the woods - alone - for his work gord was honored by the assembly of first nations and given the name 'man who walks among the stars'

and now? now gord is about to release a DOUBLE album just two + a half yrs after getting the horrible news - this dude does not know the meaning of quit - this dude is the definition of COURAGE!!!

[thanks for reading]

01 First Person
02 Wolf's Home
03 Bedtime
04 Introduce Yerself
05 Coco Chanel No. 5
06 Ricky Please
07 Safe Is Dead
08 Spoon
09 A Natural
10 Faith Faith
11 My First Girlfriend
12 Yer Ashore
13 Love Over Money
14 You Me And The B's
15 Snowflake
16 A Better End
17 Nancy
18 Thinking About Us
19 The Road
20 You Are The Bird
21 The Lake
22 Far Away And Blurred
23 The North

sleigher 10-30-2017 02:04 PM

Re: gord downie / introduce yerself [10.27]
this album is gorgeous

total 180 from gords typical obtuse/word puzzle tunes


some really great melodies and i am struck by how sturdy his vocals are

a real gem

The Black Map 10-31-2017 10:54 PM

Re: gord downie / introduce yerself [10.27]
This was great - thanks for the rec!

sleigher 10-31-2017 11:47 PM

Re: gord downie / introduce yerself [10.27]

Originally Posted by The Black Map (Post 818328)
This was great - thanks for the rec!

yer welcome - glad you liked it!

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