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rocknout89 09-11-2008 01:48 AM

Delta Spirit - Ode to Sunshine is a bad album
I just got their Ode to Sunshine album a couple weeks back and so far, it's been getting no play time in the car. one song I really hate playin is their song Trashcan that's on their SPAM page. dude, it's definitely not worth checkin out. it's got that real indie/rock sound I really hate. saw their video for the album at SPAM
and it's pretty terrible. but yeah, excuse me for rambling, just wanted th share with yall this indie rock band I hate and seein if yall hate it or not. :beer


Rob 10-07-2008 05:52 PM

Re: Delta Spirit - Ode to Sunshine
Thanks for spamming both of my boards:


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