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Buying Physical Music - Do You Do It?

Yo guys.

Just curious, but does anyone still buy physical music around here?

Personally, being born in '87, it's been CDs for me, forever. I always had CDs as a kid, in my 20s, and still do today. I get like two or three albums to the house a week. It's crazy, I know. I never got on board with the vinyl thing. I have maybe 40 records for when/if I eventually do, but, until then, it's CDs all the way. Over the past few years I've really started feeling like a dinosaur, and CDs are slowly becoming harder and harder to come by (unless you live in Japan, the greatest country on Earth). CDs are sorta a joke now, but I still love them. Anyone else out there buying physical stuff, CD or otherwise? [emoji4]

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