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Re: Buying Physical Music - Do You Do It?

I still buy physical music. Mostly CDs since they are cheaper, sometimes ridiculously cheap, and more practical, because I don't have to get up to flip sides after 2 or 3 songs and I can take them with me in the car. I buy vinyl from my favorite bands or when they don't cost that much more than the CD (3 or 4 euros more). Or when they put a CD with the record, I really, really, really love that combination! It's a shame they don't do it that more often.

I started collecting CDs around 2002 and I got my first vinyl record, You Gotta Go There To Come Back by Stereophonics, around 2003 or maybe 2004. Bought vinyl ever since. It was still a niche back then and not overpriced. I got the Love Is Hell 10 inch version for 18 euros new and unplayed.
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