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Re: Buying Physical Music - Do You Do It?

I still buy CDs. I was opposed to digital downloads for a long time....still are but not as much. The compression & other dynamics involved in their sound has gotten better and sometimes now a digital download is the only way to obtain some music. But I prefer CDs. I will play them in house/car and also download specific selections (not the download link) via my Apple Superdrive/iMac to iTunes, then burn mix CDs of all variations which I tend to listen to the most.

I still prefer to listen to CDs in the car vs. via my phone. I don't listen to music via ear buds - I like open air the car, in the house w/ surround sound, and outside on my deck with hard wired outdoor speakers.

Love vinyl and have quite a collection (old school) but its not practical to listen to all the time.

So I mostly buy CDs and burn them to mixed CDs. Crazy right? But this is what I like and I believe I can tell a diff in the sound.

Question: Can you download/burn songs from Amazon Prime @ no charge? I've heard so many different things because I guess no one does it. Can I place any song from Amazon Prime music into my iTunes library just as if I bought the song as a non Amazon prime customer? If I could do that, than I could burn the song onto a CD, correct?
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