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Re: infraction powers and bad rep points

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I don't know, it was your attitude in the gun control thread. I'm glad we don't have it because I would regret neg repping you at this point. I just thought you sure thought you knew a lot about American culture, especially regarding guns, just for having visited a few times and our image in the international media. But I'm over it now. If you ever come to Northern California I'll take you to play target practice at the property. Then you can see firsthand.
Ok.. I don't want to go fully into it but I do take issue with you kind of intimating I am spouting media exaggerations and dipping my toe into the US and pretending I'm an expert. The example I gave in the gun thread was a guy I knew well and was pretty liberal in a lot of important ways, except what I thought to be bizarre opinions regarding gun rights. I also think that if the US considered how it is portrayed a little more by the international media, if the US perhaps asked questions like "why do we keep on having these kinds of gun incidents", perhaps a saner response to gun ownership/laws might be the outcome.

And btw, I do have a firsthand experience with guns and the destruction they cause, coming from a part of the world where for the last 30 years illegal gun possession has been a major factor in the killings of our Troubles. In fact, one of the reasons I am so anti-guns is because I've seen the difference in a society where illegal guns hold a balance of power, and also what it is like once those guns have been decommissioned.
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