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Re: Your favorite singer/songwriter is a Perv:The Thread

As I said in the other thread, I'm totally sick. Terrible stuff.

First thing that pops in my head is Doylestown Girl. No matter when this song was written I immediately thought it was weird to put it on an album when it was so clearly about Megan. A lot of us saw the Instagram posts when they broke up.

It reminds me so much of how Louis CK did things. The way he towed the line in his comedy basically confirming the rumors about him. I know it's not the same thing exactly but DG just seems like Ryan putting something out there to apologize in a way he can't or even worse justify his behavior. Like "hey here's a song about how awesome you are so I can't be a total dick the right?" or Phoebe is "Bob Dylan" etc etc.

These women are brave and should be shown respect but I'm sure they will get attacked by assholes.

It just sucks, Ryan has been a huge part of my music listening life and now what?
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