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Re: Movie Recommendations

Originally Posted by Sydneyfan View Post
Ray Romano can really act too. There was a lot of depth in that performance.

I didn't realise the Duplass brothers had scored a four picture deal with Netflix either, until reading about Paddleton. That's good news, I love their work.
agreed - i love what romano did in the big sick and vinyl - hes really surprised me with his second act as a dramatic actor

same re the brothers duplass - i actually really liked the roadtrip aspect to paddleton because it reminded me of the puffy chair ... listened to a really interesting interview with mark in which he mentioned taking a lot of meetings early on only to find out that there was nothing in common with the work that studios were offering and what they were interested in doing - he said after a few too many of those jay and he decided 'we make movies - not meetings' - looks like their credo really worked out for them and im so happy to see them getting work in different areas and on different platforms
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high praise from sleigher!
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