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Re: 09.23/24 Pilgrimage Festival- Franklin, TN

Originally Posted by DavidJWeisman View Post
I would like to respectfully disagree on the "disengaged" part, I don't know why you feel so, I found him enchanting and connected (at least with me) with vibrating energy.
I think some people feel like this because he’s less chatty then before. Also the “no encore” thing.

Which is funny because people used to bitch he talked all the time.

But a lot of the time on this tour he was able to play 24-26 songs so idk I’d take that over banter even though I like his banter. Also feel like after seeing a number shows in bigger and smaller markets especially the difference between Portland and Boston and I feel there’s a huge difference between mainstream Ryan and small town Ryan where he’s himself and playing things he b either never plays or hardly plays... he’s played Catherine and Stop You the last two times he’s come to Portland but anyways just my observations from going to shows and seeing people’s own reactions etc
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