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Eli Janney

I have been trying to figure out the story of the ”Stratosphere Studios Sessions”. Rock N roll was recorded there in one session. But it seems that most of the B-Sides was recorded with Eli Janney in another session.

Don't Even Know Her Name
Closer when she goes
Funeral Marching
Red lights
i’m coming over
ah Life

I have not been able to find any info on Liar and Parker it is Christmas.

So my question is, the session with Eli, could that be the ”Drugs on War” session? Or the early ”Rock n Roll” record that was called Dimondz?

Could anyone shed some light on this?

Originally Posted by wolfhunter
Blackhole, Darkbreaker, Let it B Minus. those are great. I love Cardinals III/IV that is a classic rock record IMHO. also I like HOPE- that is a great recording and the production is cool. For super heavy stuff I like the RA RNR era thing called THE DRUGS ON WAR- cool basement 4 track recordings mult-tracked and put through an API console and fattened.
the archive, ( on my side ) is neat o to look through
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