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Re: 06.14 red rocks amphitheatre/morrison

Had an overnight flight back to Chicago a few hours after the show, then a crazy weekend. But I wanted to share a few thoughts.

Overall it was ok. Ryan seemed to be in mostly good spirits, the band sounded fine.

The good: The highlight of the night for me, and it wasn't close, was Jacksonville Skyline. Emotional performance. A classic song. Ryan solo at the end of a long night was really cool. I was super happy to get Outbound Train and thought they nailed it. Other highlights were: I See Monsters, Let it Ride opener, a long, jammy Magnolia Mountain, Prisoner, Tightrope and Dear John.

The meh: There's a few songs he's playing that just don't move the needle for me right now/anymore? I really want to like Stay With Me, but I can't get into it. I don't care for the current arrangement of Hallowenhead. Just tired of Gimme, DYSLM.

Other thoughts: I think Ryan needs a change of pace. The shows the last 4-5 years all blend together for me. It's pretty much the same handful of songs. The band is fine, but not really special at all. I prefer them to the Shining, but it's just sort of ok instead of really good.

I'd love to see Ryan do a solo tour or work with the bluegrass sound again. It was so fun to hear him playing the harp, but it's reserved for a handful of songs and that's it. The catalogue is so diverse, I wish he'd dig a little deeper with these guys.

Overall I got to see one of my favorite artists in an iconic venue on a beautiful night. Not going much to complain about, other than I'm ready for either a new sound or at least attempts at new songs from this band.
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