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Re: Father John Misty - Pure Comedy (4/7)

Originally Posted by Potion09 View Post
It's definitely different from the other two albums but the progression from FF to HB to now makes sense. I do enjoy when he "rocks" out a little more, and this album is missing that.
completely agree - listened to fear fun today for the first time in ages and was shocked at how nearly bare bones the production is compare to where he is at now ... also - id definitely prefer something along the lines of strange encounter or the ideal husband as well - but i guess i can understand wanting to keep things mellow for the most part and let the lyrics really shine through on this one

hes said that he already has his fourth and fifth albums written - will be interesting to hear what he has planned

Originally Posted by roshea999 View Post
The title track captures the essence of the record perfectly. I love the theme "Each other's all we've got." That really resonates.

It just feels like it's one giant song repeating the same ideas over and over. I keep wanting the album to "click" with me but it just drags.
that sentiment is an incredible one and its definitely something that needs to be pondered and appreciated in this day and age

yeah - variations on a theme - seems to be the one overall critique im reading most often about this album - someone posted an interview he did with zane lowe and it was interesting to hear him break down the album song by song - im hoping it will lend an additional perspective next time i listen
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