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Re: Buying Physical Music - Do You Do It?

Originally Posted by andyo812 View Post
damn Dowd. Helluva collection and set up.

I purchase vinyl, even though itís kind of a trend among many i view it as something tangible i can hand down to others, like eventually kids. I generally limit this to records I truly love but also will shop used and try to find reasonably priced stuff that I maybe donít celebrate quite as much.

My set up is pretty entry level but I do love the nostalgia and sound and physical element of vinyl. Eventually iíd like to get a proper hifi set up.

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Pretty much where I'm at. I only buy vinyl I have intentions of listening to. Generally avoid pre-ordering because I like to hear it before committing to it. I have about 150 records - including a good chunk that were gifted to me by people that were trying to get rid of them. I'm happy where it's at and I'm eager to see it grow.
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