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Re: Buying Physical Music - Do You Do It?

Folks were practically giving away vinyl to switch to cd mid ‘80s into ‘90s. I grew up in my old man’s record store around that time and began accumulating LP’s, 78’s and 45’s, never stopped. Also cassettes, reel to reel, 8 tracks, and equipment to play all those formats. Haven’t bought a new cd since around 2005 (with a few exceptions for live shows with no vinyl options) but still buy cd’s from thrift stores occasionally. I prefer original vinyl pressings and new releases with download code, but simply rip to digital if that’s not offered and keep a digital collection on two external hard drives (one is a backup, learned the hard way). I don’t even use an iPod anymore, just a flash drive in the truck is much easier for me. Try to keep the cd collection to a minimum and those I keep are boxed away after digital transfer. Plenty of artists I’ll preorder with little or no listen beforehand. Everything is played, certainly some more/less than others. I’m a bit fanatical about my collection and curate it like a library.
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