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Re: Your favorite singer/songwriter is a Perv: The Thread

Originally Posted by bluenoir View Post
Why are you blaming 14 year old girls, or their parents, for their own sexual assault?

First : you didnít answer my question.
Second: if she was a minor so there was a ďresponsibleĒ adult around. Iím not blaming her, I am kinda blaming her parents and maybe even the ďcultureĒ she grew up on for not showing the potential dangers on this all connected society.
Third: Iíve also been in situations with young women around men in music they idolised, and Most of these girls
tried hard to sleep with those men aven though they told them they have wives/girlfriends at home. Some men also tried to pick up girls but I didnít see any situation where they were abusive or pushy. (Iím pretty sure itís because the industry I know is different from the one you do)
Forth: Iím also not engaging with you.

That's awesome you are so mature and right. Expecting everyone to be as advanced as you and insulting everyone else is a crap way to be.

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