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Re: Ryan Adams' Music Now

Been following along on here since the news broke; really not sure what to post or what to say. Complicated, for sure. Like others, I never assumed Ryan was some sort of saintly figure; an artist dancing along the line of genius and crazy in his own way, battling addiction and personal issues as well. Tragic to hear the specific details about his past adult relationships (which I believe); terrifying and unforgivable to hear about the underage one.

I'm not really a "lyrics" person when it comes to music generally, but Ryan's words would usually sink in, and his songs are so often personal in nature, making this all much harder.

I appreciate those who have been able to better articulate what it is that I'm feeling (which has changed a number of times over the last 48+ hours) and just the general community feeling that is here at the moment. Like a funeral, it's unfortunate that this is why we're all back together... but nice to know we're not alone.
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