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Red face attention "HEARTBREAKR"

I am not Kasey Casum and this is not the Top Twenty countdown but, Heartbreakr askerd me this so I will share. Also Heartbreakr ( a fellow tumblr) also posted a picture of myself as well as a video Mandy had made back in the day. the song moved me to tears. Seriously. thank you. x

He or She wrote;


While youíre doing some New Yearís self-improvmentÖ *

I know you have hearing problems, and Iím wondering if youíre doing anything to slow down the damage to your ears. *You need those things. *Are you taking care of Ďem?

Personally, Iíd rather die of lung cancer at age 70 than lose my hearing in my 30s when Iíve dedicated my life to making songs. *

Just worried about you.

ME- Hi there.

Um, first of all I followed the re-blog to your site. That song broke me down and in a really good way. That is a real honest to goodness angel singing that song. I think about my friend so so much.

As far as my hearing goes, I will tell you a little but I will not go into it all the way here right now.

I have lost most of my hearing in my left ear. And I have lost a considerable amount in my right but my right is better.

It is not fixable. It will only get worse as time goes on. I will possibly be deaf in one ear possibly both. I donít know how long I have. And it was nothing I did that caused it. Something happened and it is undetermined exactly what so I cannot be angry with anyone. I kind of know where or when it happened though. I remember things going wrong afterwards.

Anyway, something is wrong in there. And I donít know everything yet and neither did they.

I am just doing what I can.

Donít worry. I will be okay no matter what.

Thanks for asking and thanks for kind of leaning me into that video. I love it and what is not to love really.


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