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Re: Fake news? - Perceptions of the media

Originally Posted by a devil in paradise View Post

I listen to CNN in the car. While I am probably more liberal than CNN I cannot deny that 80% of what they put on the air is breathless speculation about Trump. It takes a lot of listening before you snap out of it and realize all they are doing is guessing about what's really going on behind such and such scant tidbit of information.
Yep, this is a huge problem for me with most news, too. Alot of the Twitterverse, too. Again, the 24hr news cycle reinforces that behavior, too. you have to be on the air so long that you must look at every crumb in 30 different ways and talk about it endlessly.

Speaking of news about news, this came out a few days ago but took a couple days to read, it's lengthy, but a more in depth look at how Fox News and the White House have co-mingled to a degree never seen before. I feel like this is some Pandora's box shit.
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