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Originally Posted by robotulism View Post
Thank you, I'm very proud of him and I love that people enjoy the show. Yes, he's a goof. The only problem for me was that the topic of the show is something I'm very very interested in, but it's really hard to get "lost" in the show when I don't see a brutal killer, I just see my cousin Cameron the literal giant nerd. But the scenes he wasn't in or you didn't see his face I forgot again that these people are just actors reading a script and I was able to get into it the way you're supposed to.
when i found out that he had a day job looking after small children it made his role that much creepier - sort of ironic in a way that this guy would be taking care of kids and then portraying a serial killer also

and i can only imagine how bizarre that must be to see yer cousin staring back at you in the midst of such a serious show
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high praise from sleigher!
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