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Re: Game of Thrones

Tim, I'm torn.

I have trouble with simply dismissing Missandei's death as something to be annoyed by as fridging when nearly the entire show's plot is propelled by a living character's reaction and subsequent motivation from another character's death. Yes, Missandei is a woman, and yes it motivates Grey Worm, but it also, and arguably moreso, motivates Dany, another woman.

I think broadly speaking the trope outside GoT arises from JUST women giving motivation to JUST men, but within the realm of Game of Thrones, it's not just women, and in turn more difficult to classify Missandei's death as fridging.

Catelyn Stark was a woman and her death motivates plenty of men, but also Arya and Sansa. On the other hand, Ned Stark, a man, and his execution motives men and women characters - in turn the plot - forward. Geoffrey's assassination furthers/motivates Cersei, woman, and Jamie, man. It motivates and furthers the women of the Tyrell family, and Sansa and motivates another man, Tyrion.

What I'm getting at is how much of Missandei's death is a fridging versus how much of it is the usual advancement of the series' plot and right in line with the usual? Sure it's not as nuanced and layered like the examples I've given, but c'mon, they had to wrap the series up in 6 episodes. It's a difficult discussion and especially given the current times and headlines and #metoo movement, one that I think is important and relevant, but also, I'm just as in line with art for the sake of art and when it comes to art nothing being out of bounds. I have to thank you for bringing this up because it's something I'd never heard of and now, will never not see/recognize. It's a tricky one to navigate and I think that the devil is in the details, the surrounding content, circumstances, how it's handled, etc. answers to fridge or not to fridge. In Missandei's case, I'm thawing out.

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