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Re: Vinyl represses by Chris Bellman and pressed at Pallas

Originally Posted by Tim Simmons View Post
So I got through 1 record of these new pressings, ABing my original copies.

My Gold was purchased when it finally came out a year or so after the record was released (back when United wasn't over worked and had better quality control). I've always been satisfied with mine, though I know later pressings of Gold sounded awful to people, so I'm keeping that in mind when listening. I think this new pressing sounds so quiet and static free that the music sounds so clear and crisp that it would be a nice improvement over the original. especially for $11. A bit of nerdery, the new pressing has a matte sleeve whereas my original was glossy. Still no inserts. Also no polylined sleeves which is pretty standard with pallas, so its weird.

As for Cold Roses, again, I was happy with my original. There is surface noise, but whatever, I've made due and been satisfied. From the onset, I was blown away by how good the new cut sounds. The record is dead quiet which makes the music pop. The original almost sounds murky compared to this cut. Its really crisp and clear. Lows are low and bold and the highs sound great and crisp. Its fantastic. As for some nerdery, its the same as the original. has the insert. Polylined sleeves. As for the outer sleeve its funny because its the opposite of Gold. My original is matte and this new one is glossy. The new one is embossed as well.

Overall, I think they are worth the pickup, especially for the prices.

cool man, thanks for the run down. i went through a bunch of copies of CR until i found a really good quiet OP, never imagining they would be repressed. so very tempted now.

edit: dorky vinyl note...very early copies of Gold have a vertical bar code on the rear top right, about a year after it was out the bar code went horizontal.
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