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Re: Ryan Adams' Music Now

From when I happened upon him in '02 through to '10-11, 95% of what I listened to was Ryan Adams. His solo work, Whiskeytown, unreleased albums, live recordings etc. Something in his writing, his voice, his words, his sounds, his phrasing (musical and lyrical) just clicked for me as with no other artist (that's just rhetoric - two others have conjured similar spells, but not to the extent). There was a world there, a picture to be engrossed in - to live in, even. He soundtracked so much, was a crutch through some hard, dark times and enhanced some good ones, moments where I was just glad to be alive. I got my ex sister in law into him and, to a lesser extent, my ex. My ex-SIL and I saw him three times in '07, '08. '11.

My interest declined around/after Ashes & Fire. Well, album wise, with Easy Tiger (Love Is Hell to 29 being my favourite/peak RA run, the three Whiskeytown albums a close second), but until his marriage/semi-retirement there was the excellent (if at times too jammy) live work with The Cardinals, where those songs were given a much better airing. In part his direction post-'09, and in part my own circumstances. Which, really, was mostly just growing up. There comes a point where another album wallowing in lovelorn misery is superfluous, and the earlier stuff just wasn't working for me as it did.

I'd picked up the self-titled and Prisoners mostly out of habit. Didn't give them more than a few spins, cherry picked some favourite songs to go back to now and then. I'd been out of the loop. I learned about the three planned albums from my ex-SIL, and for the first time in a long time, was excited about new music from Adams. Maybe it was just being reminded of '05, but I was looking forward to seeing what he could do.

And now this. It's just so fucking skeevy. I form associations quite strongly, and anytime I hear his music, all I'll really be able to think is SKEEVY BASTARD. It's not that the old associations and memories won't be there - more's the pity, they always will - but that SKEEVY BASTARD is and will be unavoidable. I've deleted his solo work from my phone, from where I do most of my listening. Whiskeytown are still on there - maybe I think I'll be able to listen to them at some point. I don't know.

A particular example: I always took Cobwebs to be about Leah Hayes. I can't square listening to that with his treatment of her. Multiply that across any number of songs. He clearly is not shy about self-pity, but there's a difference between he said/she said and his POS behaviour.
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