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Re: Fake news? - Perceptions of the media

You're conflating comments about entertainment media (which has almost no standards whatsoever -- said having worked in it somewhat and being completely disgusted with the defamation of character I was being asked to participate in at times -- I've literally said "you can't put my name on this") with serious news reporting.

I listen to CNN in the car. While I am probably more liberal than CNN I cannot deny that 80% of what they put on the air is breathless speculation about Trump. It takes a lot of listening before you snap out of it and realize all they are doing is guessing about what's really going on behind such and such scant tidbit of information.

If there is a big international story I tend to read the BBC and Al-Jazeera on it just to get a viewpoint outside of our little American fishbowl. I literally do not watch news on tv unless there is a live event happening that I want to rubberneck at.
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