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esc2see has a little shameless behavior in the past
Re: Ryan Adams, abuse, and the Stans that love them.

Too much negativity on this board, especially coming from those who've been picking on him for as long as...I dunno. Anyway, here's something I learned about US moral standards:

1. Never expose yourself to a 16-year old girl over the internet, because you'll be regarded as a pedophile, someone who (by definition) persistently shows sexual interest in pre-pubescent children.
2. Never compare yourself to somebody who has been accused of sexual misconduct or rape, even if it's a tongue-in-cheek statement because you know that sexting a minor will automatically make you a pedophile in the public opinion.
3. If you ever find yourself on a porn site that shows consensual sex between a teen and her "stepdad" (or her "NOTfather"), stay calm and enjoy. But please make sure to spend one dollar for an organization that protects young children all over the world from being exposed to pornographic content.

Thank you!
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