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Re: Ryan Adams vs Father John Misty

Originally Posted by JohnnyT View Post
Tillman was a better songwriter before he got all FJM. He's literally a clown now.
There's some really strong, unique songwriting on both Fear Fun and Honeybear. Pretty much all of Fear Fun is beautifully written. Great lyrics. Cool grooves. Honeybear is mostly good and I thought it made for a fine follow up to Fear Fun.

I think Pure Comedy was a strong title track. The problem is every other song is just a watered down version of that. The overall theme "each other is all we've got" is on point, but how many times on one record can you say the exact same thing before it's exhausting?

And it's bizarre all the love he's getting. Blogs saying this is his best work. it isn't. Not even close, really.

Very interesting artist, but this FJM thing started much better than it's ending. I'm hoping he does one more record under this moniker then branches off onto something else. He's making boatloads of cash, so it'll probably be drawn out.
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